• Official time:  Social tennis begins at 2:00pm and ends at 5:00pm
  • New balls are provided by the club for social tennis at 2:00pm
  • All prearranged games to provide their own tennis balls or to play with used balls provided by the Club.
  • Social players enter their name tab onto the board and sets will then be allocated to courts in strict order of arrival
  • THE SOCIAL CONVENOR IS THE ONLY PERSON responsible for the running of the board, unless she or he asks for the help of a committee member or another longstanding member
  • The Social Convenor is to ensure that sets are fairly balanced, the correct order of play is adhered to and that there is no tampering with the order of sets
  • All visitors report to the Social Convenor
  • In the event of no Social Convenor being present, members are respectfully advised to follow the proper sequence of play
  • All sets are to be the first to 6 games
  • Once the set is finished, the players must leave the court and their names to be slotted back into the board system if they wish to continue social play
  • All courts not used by league are reserved for social play on a Saturday from 2:00pm to 5:00pm
  • From 5:00pm members may arrange their own sets
  • At the end of play, members must be responsible for placing the balls in the slot in the ball cupboard