I n d e x
1. Definitions   
2. TWP  
3. Management
4. Membership: : (4.1) Definitions (4.2) Procedure (4.3) Termination
5. Subscriptions                                                                                          
6. Office Bearers : (1) Non-executive (2) Management Committee
7. Powers of Management Committee : Property and Raising of Loans
9. Selection Committees
10. General Meetings
11. General
12. Alterations


This document is the official Constitution of the Claremont Tennis Club and was last amended at a Special General Meeting held at the Club on 23 May 2013.

Signed:   Hon. Chairman …………………………. Date ………………….

Hon. Secretary …………………………..Date ………………….


1.1 The name of the club shall be Claremont Tennis Club" (hereinafter referred to to as the club)

In this Constitition:
         1.2 AGM shall mean Annual General Meeting.

         1.3 SGM shall mean Special General Meeting.
         1.4 MC shall mean Management Committee.
         1.5 TWP shall mean Tennis Western Province.
         1.6 Any reference to the masculine gender shall include the feminine gender and the singular shall include the plural where appropriate and vice versa.
         1.7 “immediate family” means a spouse and dependant children all living together at the same address,


The Club shall be affiliated to TWP and shall be subject to the rules of that body or any other body that succeeds it.


The affairs of the club shall be controlled by a management committee which shall be elected annually by members in General Meeting.


         4.1 The Secretary shall keep a register of all members including addresses and telephone numbers which shall be termed a Membership Roll.
         4.2 The Club shall be composed of the following classes of ordinary membership:-

              a. Senior –
              b. Student -
              c. Junior -
             d. Pensioner plus-
             e. Non -playing
          4.3 The following classes of Special Membership may also be conferred:-

                a .Honorary Life Membership
                b. Life Membership

4.4 Definitions:

         4.4.1  Senior : A person 18 years or older who does not qualify as a student. He/she is entitled to participate fully in the Club and its affairs.

         4.4.2  Student: A person 18 years or older at the start of the subscription year, who is a bona fide non-earning student at an educational institution. He is entitled to participate fully in the Club and its activities.

         4.4.3 Junior: A person who has not reached his 18th birthday at the start of the subscription year.

              Juniors are entitled to the use of the Club courts only when they are not allocated for Senior members’ Club activities. Their use of facilities may also be restricted as designated by the MC.

         4.4.4 Senior plus:  A person 65 years or older at the beginning of the subscription year.

         4.4.5 Non-Playing: A person over the age of 18 years who is entitled to participate in all the Club’s affairs and to the use of all its facilities except insofar as the playing of tennis is concerned.

        4.4.6 Honorary Life: This type of membership may only be conferred by a General Meeting of the Club upon any Senior or Social member in recognition of that member’s outstanding, extraordinary participation in the                    affairs of the Club.
             Such a member shall have all the rights and duties applicable to Senior members except that he shall not be liable for the payment of annual subscriptions or the TWP levy which shall be paid on his behalf by                the Club.

        4.4.7 Life: This type of membership may only be created at a General Meeting of the Club for the specific purpose of raising funds to ensure the continued well-being of the Club. A limited number of Life Memberships may be created and offered for purchase, over a maximum period of four weeks, by members of the Club at a price to be determined at such General Meeting. A member who purchases this type of membership shall thereafter enjoy the same rights and duties as an Honorary Life Member except that he shall be liable for payment of the annual TWP levy.

4.5 Procedure

Applications for ordinary membership shall be made on the prescribed form, duly proposed and seconded by two Senior members and shall be accompanied, where applicable, by the prescribed entrance fee. Applications shall be made to the Secretary and shall be in his hands not less than two weeks before the committee meeting at which they are to be considered. At its discretion, the MC may waive this two week requirement.

The MC shall consider all applications, may refuse or postpone any application, may offer an applicant another category of membership than that for which he applied and it may also change an existing member’s category either on application or in its discretion without being obliged to give any reason for any such decision.

4.6 Termination

         4.6.1 A member’s membership may be terminated in one or two ways:-

       (i.) by resignation or deemed resignation of the member concerned. A member is deemed to have resigned if this subscription remains unpaid as at 31 December of the subscription year in which it falls due to any        time thereafter and the MC passes a resolution to this effect.

       (ii.) by the MC. The MC is empowered to remove from the membership roll by resolution adopted by not less than two-thirds of the committee members present, the name of any member:-

       a) whose annual subscription is not paid within three months of due date or whose other indebtedness to the Club is not discharged within three months of the date on which such indebtedness was incurred, provided that such removal shall not be effected until fourteen days after the posting by registered post of notification to such member of the intention so to do;

       b)In respect of whom any circumstances may arise which, in the opinion of the MC, render such member undesirable as a member of the Club.
Upon removal of a person’s name from “the Membership Roll as herein provided, such person shall cease to be a member of the Club and shall not be entitled to a refund of any subscription paid. A member whose name shall have been removed under the provisions of sub-clause (ii) (b) hereof shall have the right of appeal for reinstatement to a General Meeting of members. Notice of appeal must be given to the Secretary within twenty-one (21) days of dispatch of the letter advising the member of the decision so taken. The Secretary must convene such General Meeting within thirty (30) days of receipt of the notice of appeal there will be no further right of appeal.

         4.6.2. A resignation shall only be considered as of effect when received in writing by the secretary, and, in the absence of such notification, members will be regarded as responsible for the payment of their subscriptions and other dues. A member whose notification of resignation is received after 30 September in any year shall be responsible for payment of his annual subscription, provided that this stipulation may be relaxed, wholly or in part, by the MC in its sole discretion.

         4.6.3. Members who have discontinued their membership while in good standing with the club, and who may be desirous of rejoining the Club, shall not, when re-applying, be liable for the payment of any entrance fee.                                                               

        4.6.4. In addition to the remedy provided in sub-clause 4.6.1 (ii) (a) hereof, the MC may publish as a defaulter, the name of any member whose annual subscription is not paid within three months of due date and his use of club facilities may be suspended.

        4.6.5. Any omission or inaccuracy in the particulars submitted by a candidate for membership shall render his election voidable at the option of the MC.


        5.1 Members shall be liable for payment of annual subscriptions for the season 1 September -31 August of the following year which shall be due and payable on 1 September in every year. In additions, each member shall be liable for such levies as determined by TWP.

        5.2 The MC shall have power to make rules in regard to the levying of such proportionate subscription rates as it may deem appropriate in the event of:

                                            a) Applications for membership being made after 30 September in any subscription year.

                                            b) applications being made by visitors requiring tempory membership for a period less than six weeks.
        5.3 The entrance fees and subscription rates for the forthcoming year shall be determined by the MC with due regard to the sound financial continuation and well being of the Club. These, together with the TWP levies, if known, must be submitted to members at the AGM for approval. Special discounts may be fixed for members of the same immediate family, for members over 60 years of age and for any other member or class of member as the MC at its discretion may decide.


      6.1 Non-Executive

        The following non-executory office bearers shall be elected by members at the AGM:

                                (a) President;
                                (b) Vice-Presidents not exceeding two in number.

They shall not be eligible for election to the MC, but shall be entitled to attend the meetings of the MC should they so desire.

6.2 Management Committee

The affairs of the Club shall be controlled by a Management Committee not exceeding 15 persons in number which shall be responsible for taking care of the affairs of the Club in the interest and to the benefit or all members and in accordance with the stipulations laid down in this Constitution.

The MC shall consist of:-

                                a) Chairman
                                b) Vice-chairman
                                c) Treasurer
                                d) Secretary
                                e) Men’s match Secretary
                                f) Ladies Match Secretary
                               g) Assistant Treasurer
                                h) Entertainment convener
                                i) Mid-week representative
                                j) Junior representative
                               k) Property warden
                               l) Refreshment convener
                              m) Tournament convener
                                n) Additional member/s, if desired

6.2.2. The MC shall be elected by members at the AGM of the Club. Nominations for the various offices shall be called for by the outgoing committee at least 3 weeks prior to the date of the AGM. Nominations may also be put forward and accepted at the AGM itself.
The election of office bearers shall be by ballot in the event of there being more than one nomination. The nominee need not be present at the AGM provided he has indicated his acceptance in writing. Office bearers shall retire annually at the AGM, but shall be eligible for re-election.

6.2.3 Any member of the Club, with the exception of junior, temporary and country members may serve on the MC.

6.2.4 It shall be competent for one person to be elected to two or more of the offices described in sub-paragraph 6.2.1 above.

6.2.5. Every member of the MC shall have one vote and in the event of an equal number of votes for or against a motion, the Chairman shall have an additional casting vote.   Notwithstanding the fact that a member of the MC may hold more than one office, he shall nevertheless only have one vote.

6.2.6. The quorum of the MC shall be six members.

6.2.7. The MC shall have authority to co-opt additional members to serve on the Committee subject to a limit of 2 such co-opted persons.

6.2.8 An MC member shall be deemed to have resigned with immediate effect if he is absent from 3 consecutive meetings of the MC unless such absence is for reasons considered satisfactory by the MC. In the event of such deemed resignation, the MC shall be entitled to co-opt another person to serve on the Committee until the following AGM, notwithstanding that there may be 2 existing co-opted persons on the Committee.

6.2.9 The MC shall:-

         a) meet as far as practicably possible once each month with the purpose of dealing with the on-going business and affairs of the Club;
         b) keep minutes of its meetings in which the names of the members of the Committee who attend such meetings shall be noted;
         c) keep books of account which accurately reflect the financial transactions of the Club;
         d) ensure that all cheques and withdrawal slips are property signed in accordance with the stipulations laid down in this Constitution;
         e) Submit annual financial statements for the Club to members at the AGM.

6.2.10 Meetings of the MC shall be called by notice to every member of the Committee.


The MC shall have the following rights and powers:-

        7.1 To open and operate a banking account in the name of CLAREMONT TENNIS CLUB and to invest Club’s money which is not immediately required;
        7.2 To enter into or terminate any agreement in connection with the proper affairs of the Club;
        7.3 To institute or oppose lawsuits;
        7.4 To appoint sub-committees comprising at least one member of the MC and such other Club members as the MC may see fit;
        7.5 To make rules or regulations pertaining to any aspect of the club’s affairs subject always to the provisions of this Constitution;
        7.6 To do all such other acts as may be conducive to the proper management of the Club and its affairs.


8.1 The Club shall be capable of:-

       8.1.1 acquiring, disposing of or otherwise dealing with any movable and immovable property or any rights in and to such property;
       8.1.2 borrowing money or otherwise incurring liabilities;
       8.1.3 Mortgaging, pledging, or otherwise encumbering all or any of its assets as security for any monies so borrowed or liabilities so incurred.

8.2 All such transactions shall be carried out and all property shall vest in the name of CLAREMONT TENNIS CLUB.

8.3 No acquisition, disposal, mortgage or other dealing with any immovable property or the raising of a loan shall be valid without the sanction of more than two-thirds of members present at a Special General Meeting called for the purpose of approving the transaction in question.


There shall be at least three standing sub-committees, viz, the men’s league, ladies league and mixed league selection committees. Each shall consist of a minimum of 3 members with a quorum of two. The men’s and ladies match secretaries shall respectively chair the relevant men’s and ladies league sub-committees. The MC shall appoint either the men’s or ladies match secretary as Chairperson of the mixed league committee.

These sub-committees shall have full power to select teams and / or players to represent the Club, but shall be accountable to the CM as regards policy and behaviour of players.


10.1 An AGM of the Club shall be held not later than 15 June in each year on a date and at a venue and time to be decided by the MC.
10.2 A Special General Meeting of the Club may be called by the MC and shall be called within 30 days upon the written requisition of fifteen Senior Members of the Club delivered to the Secretary.

10.3 General Meetings of the Club, called in accordance with the provisions of clause 10.1 and 10.2 above, shall be convened by the Secretary, who shall  e-mail or post to all members of the Club and place on the club notice board written notice thereof at least fourteen days prior to the date of such meeting. Such notice shall set forth the place, day and hour at which such meeting is to be held and the nature of the business to be transacted thereat.

10.4 No business shall be transacted at any general Meeting of the Club save that set forth in the notice convening such meeting and that which, in the opinion of the Chairman of the meeting, directly arises there from and the transaction of which could and should have been foreseen by those members not in attendance at the meeting. In his discretion, the Chairman of the meeting may allow the discussion of other matters, but no resolutions may be passed or vote taken in regard thereto.

10.5 All members, except Junior, Country and temporary members shall be entitled to vote at general Meetings. All matters dealt with at any General Meeting, save in Clauses 8.3 and 12 provided, shall be decided by a majority vote.

10.6 The number of members present at a General Meeting to form a quorum shall be fifteen (15).

10.7 The usual business which must be transacted at an AGM of the Club shall be:-

        (a) The consideration and adoption (with or without amendment) of the minutes of the previous AGM and Special general Meeting (if any);
        (b) The consideration of the report of the MC (to be read by the Chairman);
        (c) The consideration of the report of the Treasurer and the consideration of the Balance Sheet and Income and Expenditure Account of the Club for the preceding financial year;
        (d) The election of office-Bearers;
        (e) The election of an honorary auditor;
         (f) The consideration of entrance fees and subscriptions for the forthcoming year.

10.8 At any General Meeting of the Club, the Chairman of that meeting shall have a deliberative vote only, provided that, in the event of an equality of votes, the Chairman of that meeting shall have a casting vote in addition.    


11.1 The financial year of the Club shall be the period from 1 May to 30 April.

11.2 All the books, accounts, securities and other financial records of the Club shall be examined and audited at least once in every year by a suitably qualified Auditor or Auditors (who may be a Senior member of the Club), who shall be elected by the Club at its AGM in the same manner, mutatis mutandis, as Office-Bearers. Any interim vacancy occurring in the office of Auditor shall be filled by the MC and reported at the next AGM. The office of Auditor shall be an honorary one.

11.3 The audited Balance Sheet and Income and Expenditure Account of the Club for the preceding financial year shall be submitted by the Treasurer at each AGM.

11.4 The Treasurer shall present a report on the financial affairs of the club at each AGM, and shall, if required, present such a report at each or any meeting of the MC.

11.5 All payments by the Club must be approved by the MC.

11.6 Monies received or paid by the Treasurer / Assistant Treasurer or any other member on behalf of the Club shall be dealt with by him in accordance with instructions given to him by the MC provided, however that cheques and withdrawal slips shall be singed by any two of the following persons:-

The Chairman; The Vice-Chairman; The Treasurer; or The Secretary

11.7 The MC shall present a report on the affairs of the Club at each AGM. The report shall be prepared by the Chairman who shall make such alterations or additions thereto or deletions there from as may be required by the MC.

11.8 Every notice to a member shall be considered duly delivered when e-mailed or posted to or delivered by hand at the address of that member as registered in the Membership Roll. Every member of the Club shall notify the secretary in writing of any change of his e-mail or physical address and telephone number.

11.9 A copy of the Constitution shall at all reasonable times be available in the clubhouse for inspection by all members of the Club. Any member of the club shall be entitled upon payment of the cost of producing same, to a copy of this Constitution.


No alteration of this Constitution may be made except at a Special General Meeting of the Club, details of which proposed alteration shall be fully set out in the notice convening the meeting, and which alteration shall require the approval of not less than two-thirds of the members present and entitled to vote at the meeting.